Monday, February 27, 2006

3rd Life Drawing Portfolio

I've decided to make an artblog with my shittttttty artworks. By the end of my 4 year journey hopefully i will look back at these and laugh my ass offf. For now i am kinda proud of them. This is what I hand in for the 3rd portfolio of 1st Year.

30 Secs

1 Mins

3 Mins

5 Mins



Calvin Tsang said...

Good to hear from ya again.
Nice work! Keep it coming!

Wing ='.'= said...

I remember i had to do life drawing too last sem... it was my first time doing it, but i found it a lot of fun... (but the models we had was wearing clothes, which is good, cus or else i don't think i enjoy looking at ppl naked. LoL~)