Friday, March 10, 2006

Favourite Model is back in town =3

blahhh i dont like them anymore*


Jinny said...

I like the 2 min drawings the best ^^ The style of your drawing really change in these recent ones~~ I like it, looks really cool =3

Mitch K said...

Wow, this is lightyears ahead of your work last year, and that was pretty great stuff to begin with! How many hours a week do you put into lifedrawing?

Letz said...

yeahh i guess i am constantly kinda changing my style without myself knowing it =S i guess its a good thing =) haha~ i like the 2s on my wall better so i will post them up soon

mitch, *blush* ummm... maybe u just forgot how my work looked like last year since u havnt seen them in a while. i was looking at my fundies life drawing and i still kinda liked them ...... (so which means i didnt improve THAT much?) anyways... i spend around 4-9 hours a week on life drawing. roughly 6 usually.