Wednesday, March 29, 2006

"jeff is actualy a pretty good model"

Wow look at the difference of a 3 and a 10.
With oil-pitt pencil its really harder to do
fast drawings as supposed to pastel/conte

Haha this is such an "ED" post...

This here looks so plain and simple for a 3
but indeed i like the shape and pose a lot =D

I pulled a few short ones.


Jinny said...

nice life drawings my Lettuce lols~~ I like the flow in them.. but in your short ones near the end of your post, the figure is starting to fall apart alot more tho ^^;;.. but i like the longer ones at the top~~

Mitch K said...

Beautiful lines!

Clareee. said...

keeeeep up the goood work lettieee :)))

Vivian Lai said...

lettie so crazy now D: so good T_T

Eric Vanic said...

i love that 10 minute! you've got a great line and feel to your gestures!