Friday, March 24, 2006

life sketches 1

sketches of my classmates, teacher (?), model (?), and ppl i see randomly. i find it so hard to keep on model and drawing the likeness and that's what i am working on rite now. My friend Jeffo said he likes how i dont really draw more realisitic than a lot of other artists would but since we are in animation indeed i'd like to try that style too (for that comment i hav a pic of you jeff haha =)) o__O breaking away from boring old realisitic


Mitch K said...

Wow! You guys are flying so fast these days! Your skills just keep growing! Amazing!

I really love the last one. The paper is beautiful, and the drawings are neat. I like the girl.

Oh, and I like the dude in red on the first drawing. Cool! =)

Dboy said...

hahaha i see mat(w/ 1 t)

Matt~ said...

haha so cool :) i see me there

Jeffrey Cheung said...

wow i'm hot

Jinny said...

Lol, these are great Lettie. I can recognize alot of ppl and some of the models there. ^^

Letz said...

hhaah mitch the dude in red is our storyboard teacher o__O u'll prob see him too next year

and and !!! dboy that isnt mat with 1 T lol its one of my classmate but i guess it doesnt realy look like him hahaha