Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Martians striking o__O

thx for commenting ^___^ appreciate... this is a painting that took me a long time to do.. first painting this year that i actually took the time to carefully paint something that i want to be proud of. not just doing "getting over an assignment"... gouache was getting to be fun =P


Mitch K said...

Is this the 'alien world' assignment? It looks really great! I love the little bear in the nighttime one. I have to say that your colours are absolutely beautiful! =]

uneconnie said...

dang it lettie!!!
i never saw this blog. im so envious... !!!
i wish i were doing life drawing and doodling beautifuls all day...

oh ... man i haven't talk to you in soOOoooo longs. how is your faboulous life @ sheridan? Are the profs in your program on strike too? Mine were...

Oh i hope you don't mind, i saved all your work under a "lettie Lo" folder!


Letz said...

thx mitch, connie.

connie!! you should start an art blog too so i can save all your art work T___T i miss looking at them. yeah all my teachers are on strike so its been an extended reading week for me. teekee =)