Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Animation = No relationship?

Taking a mini break during my AN prep. I thought of sth during the school year. One night while i was in that dark 1st year room, aka China town, or C139(?) working on Bazo (a film by Casper and Trevor), Ben came over and asked me "Lettie, how do you manage to have so much time to help out so many films?" The response i gave him was ever stright forward and with a little teasing, "Because, Ben, I don't have a boyfriend." I was proud. I didn't have a portion of my life taking away from our intensive animation program made to prep us ready and out to the field within 4 years. 3 now.

I still remember he just chuckled. It was a smile that didn't regret or feel like he was missing out on anything.

But what the hell...... people can still manage a good school life with their "other half"..... rite? rite? There are a few good examples around school that i am not going to mention. What do you guys think about juggling school (animation students especially... where the school is completely filled of our dandra and sheded hair. Not to mention that we probrably breath the air in sheridan more than any other place..... [i meant that we spent aLOOOOOOTTTTTTTT of time there])


clifford chiu said...

well obviously if you have a relationship it'll take time away from your work.. but even though you're in school to learn you are still living your life. you shouldn't completely disregard one thing and just focus on the other. it's about managing your time and balancing both.


Mitch K said...

Just have a long-distance relationship. haha

Maybe a relationship with a lot of 'space' would work. Find someone who will understand that you'll be busy a lot of the time!

Oh, and spending the night at your partner's place probably helps too. And having dinner together. Heck, if you live with them, then you'd see them a lot of the time! I'm sure that's how a lot of folks do it, but that's not how I would!

Good luck finding a manly man for yourslef! =]

Mitch K said...

OH! AND: It's excellent that you're proud to not be in a relationship! That's great!! =3

Letz said...


mitch: i think it was at times wen i am really focused in school i would think relationship is a waste of time. i look at other ppl and i am glad i can put in my all in skool. or wad not, more time.

cliff: i guess your rite. but from my past experience bf/gf that are not in the same campas can be quite tough. glad it works 4u =D

ben said...

LOL! cool! I got mentioned in your blog! :)

but seriously, you read me right, I don't think I'm missing out on schoolwork because of my relationship. then again, I've probably had more years of schoolwork than most ppl in our program so I see it from a different perspective. I suppose I could put even more effort in but I think I work pretty hard and more effort wouldn't likely yield any better results. burnout isn't good for creativity or productivity.

I always wish I had more time to do the things I think are important and the things I want to do (those aren't always the same thing) but that's life - making choices out of so many possibilities and determining what's really worthwhile to do with our limited time and energy. And of course, at different stages in life, we emphasize different things but there are always certain universal things that shouldn't be neglected. Not necessarily "the relationship" but relationships in general, with friends, family, and between the person you are and the person you want to be. Neglect those and schoolwork (or even life in general) can become rather meaningless.