Saturday, June 17, 2006

sunday @ TSA

So i went to the TSA for the first time life drawing :) and these are the craps that i pulled up with T__T hahah was sooo slow and rigget.... and the atmosphere ther wasn't as good as i thought it would be. it was full of older and struggling people.
Anyways, i might check out this place coming wednesday :) i heard its a kool artsy hangout and they offer life drawing (class?) every weds for 2 hours. (haha from connie :))

*2 piece that i can pick out from sunday's life. look i cant even finished the 1 minute o__O


Phil ROD said...

great stuff

clifford chiu said...

haha you're such a bitch, you called the TSA people "struggling" :P


Letz said...

ahhaah cliff: all artists are bitches one way or another i think u agree with that. :P

GHGraphics said...

I tried life drawing again and it's tough. The place I go to has really long poses too so it's hard to make things look good when it can't be too spontaneous. These are nice though :D