Thursday, June 08, 2006

this is part of my view from my computer ~ lol~~ and the gloomy bear was hang there since it fell off my cell phone (lisa tied it for me~ and it looked pretty iffy haha but i love u lisa <3 was amazing that u managed to tie it) and yeahh lol it looked pretty nice with the lighting so i decided to CG it for practice ^^


G said...

Woooo! I like! Where did I see that bear before?

uneconnie said...

oh i love it love it!!!
oh lettie lettie how is life?

lettie will you be in toronto for the next few weeks or so, would you like to do some life drawings wit me, they have these really awsome $7 sessions @ the gladstone hotel, its real nice there!!!maybe you've already done it there? i don't know...but its on every wednesday so when ever you are around town! let me know!! im guessing you still live in oakville?

hannah maybe going too!!

anywhos take care!

Letz said...

haha ^^ tks for commenting guys =)
Gavin: it's the beloved gloomy bear!!