Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Wa wa Boo bOo*

wah. first time uploading things using the MAC. it......is very hard to use. lol AND. found out that the keyboard is the "Canadian Multi" board, thus my question mark, quotations and arrows, etc are all in differnet place in the usual windows keyboard. but i am sure theres a way to fix?? T___T *tears. stupid mac.

*yes yet another very raggit drawing session. Everyone was sitting on those old chair of the TSA and sweating their ass out.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Apple rant.

So i bought one of those used ibook from the sheridan I.T. lab. thanks for Alan Cook's valuable information. And i went to the apple store located at eatons on friday, hoping to get a wireless adapter for my baby, (which, they named it airport). and i walked in checking out their products and for a good 5 minute no one came and approached me asking if i need any help. Ok, no big deal. I waited for one of the sales there since he was helpping with another customer and he didnt make me feel welcomed at all :( he made me feel like i duno anything about the apple computers but i SHOULD hav done my research, or that i should have knew wad i was talking about. He also repeated the following 4 times in a row: "i have to know wad kind of ibook u have. the airport you have to get is depending on the model." T___T i hate him with a passion. it's definatly not a good experince. apple ppl, u shouldnt be such a stuck up! >.<

plus, the ipod warantee does NOT repair anything: two of my friends broke their ipod (nano and shuffles) seperately, and alll that guy told me was (again, he repeated it at elast three times) "you will have to bring it in, and we will have a look. We dont repair anything that is harmed by accidents." Walking out of the apple store, i guess i realized that it might have been the way i dressed, too. It's a normal working day, normal working hours, ppl there are either rich ppl on vacation or working class ppl who can afford to walk around in malls to do some shopping. They were either in suits or brand names. and check it out: worn out look of staying up for 18 hours, looking like a hobo in my old navies and h&m's, and carrying sharon's big plastic bagged-richtree muffins. i really didn't had the look to afford anything there. Can i blame them? they should have been more professional than that. Rings memoires of lack of attention to teenage shoppers.

So upset by apple. i prob wont want another apple. maybe the origami would be the next big thing. lets hope it is =)