Sunday, July 09, 2006

Apple rant.

So i bought one of those used ibook from the sheridan I.T. lab. thanks for Alan Cook's valuable information. And i went to the apple store located at eatons on friday, hoping to get a wireless adapter for my baby, (which, they named it airport). and i walked in checking out their products and for a good 5 minute no one came and approached me asking if i need any help. Ok, no big deal. I waited for one of the sales there since he was helpping with another customer and he didnt make me feel welcomed at all :( he made me feel like i duno anything about the apple computers but i SHOULD hav done my research, or that i should have knew wad i was talking about. He also repeated the following 4 times in a row: "i have to know wad kind of ibook u have. the airport you have to get is depending on the model." T___T i hate him with a passion. it's definatly not a good experince. apple ppl, u shouldnt be such a stuck up! >.<

plus, the ipod warantee does NOT repair anything: two of my friends broke their ipod (nano and shuffles) seperately, and alll that guy told me was (again, he repeated it at elast three times) "you will have to bring it in, and we will have a look. We dont repair anything that is harmed by accidents." Walking out of the apple store, i guess i realized that it might have been the way i dressed, too. It's a normal working day, normal working hours, ppl there are either rich ppl on vacation or working class ppl who can afford to walk around in malls to do some shopping. They were either in suits or brand names. and check it out: worn out look of staying up for 18 hours, looking like a hobo in my old navies and h&m's, and carrying sharon's big plastic bagged-richtree muffins. i really didn't had the look to afford anything there. Can i blame them? they should have been more professional than that. Rings memoires of lack of attention to teenage shoppers.

So upset by apple. i prob wont want another apple. maybe the origami would be the next big thing. lets hope it is =)


Cooked Art said...

.... but....

The type of airport you had to get -is- according to what model of iBook you got. If you told him you had an iBook G4 he would've grabbed an airport extreme card for you right away I bet. The older iBooks use an older Airport that the Apple Store doesn't sell anymore.

Yes, the iPod warranty is not supposed to cover accidental damage. They repair anything that was likely their fault, but if you dropped it and got driven over by a car, Apple's likely not going to think it was a manufacturer's defect, haha. I never really considered apple to be a popular electronics manufacturer and now that they seem to be I think they have some growing pains in that department.

The guy was likely an ass - he probably just wanted to sell some computers and make a comission and get home. My experience with my iPod has been great - they replaced anything that I asked to be replaced while it was in warranty. They gladly accepted that return of the other iBook, as well as exchanges for my brother who got some in-ear headphones as a gift but wanted a dock instead. The service can be very good - I don't see Dell, HP, or IBM having anything similar. I guess one thing that they have to put up with though is a lot more random questions relating to things that aren't even their expertise, such as dealing with problems with windows and how to do the same thing on a mac, etc. Anyways, hope you're happy with yours.

From the looks of it, though, the first-gen origami stuff is really crappy - very slow, very bad battery life, very expensive. Hopefully it'll get better with time.

Vivian Lai said...

oooh u got onee!! how is it :O do u likeeee it?

u drew urself so stoned lol...but dont worry maybe u were just unlucky~ some ppl are just asses with crap shoved up their bum :(

wats this origami thing D:?

Letz said...

vivian: origami is a new gen of handheld computers windows is coming up with. u can check out the commerical they have on youtube. it made it loooked SOOOOOO GOOOD =O and supposedly it's tablet based too and run on full windows.
btw ibook is a beautiful thing to look at lol i duno how to use it that much yet lol~

alan: stop being an apple stuck up >.<

S. Stephani Soejono said...

Lettie, your laptop has hte same airport card as mine. If the laptop you bought is similar with mine it's the 2002 model. It's a 2002 Airport card and they're phasing it out on mac stores. (ie: they're not even selling the kind you need right now)

They overstock our kind of airport card in Oakville's Canadian Computer. If you want, take the Oakville bus to Canadian Computer (16 I think )and get the mechanic look at it. The airpost card ain't cheap though. It costs $250

If not, you should phone Apple Care. Apple Care is a help line assisting Mac users with their computer. I had to call them before buying my own airport card to know the exact model for my laptop.Go to and find out their phone number

BTW, I agree with Alan that the store attendant is being snobby. Go phone Apple Care or go to Canadian Computer in Oakville, me &Cory have been going there all the time to take care of our macs. They're usually helpful too:)

Druie said...

the price on the ibook g4 was definately a good deal.. i was planning to ask my friend to hook me up with one but i already spent a few thousand dollar this month. =___="

hmm.. i hear alot of problems with the ipods but mines is fine.. I have the video one, and there's no warranty on it. lol. I know a guy who works at future shop and he stole me one. haha.. bleh.

Well, enjoy your laptop.. I keep regretting not buying one cuz I would love to bring it to lifedrawing one day! Maybe next summer if they have the same deal again I'll get one...but probably not since I plan on going to Orlando next summer with my friend to intern at disney

nitrobob said...

Nobody at an Apple Retail Store works on commission.

Jeffrey Cheung said...

Never purchased an ibook before. I bought an Acer laptop, and it works great..

Cooked Art said...

*Shrugs* Well I'm pretty sure that this guy wasn't having a good day or something. Comission or no, I can see Apple store employees being annoyed by some of the questions they get, but there was a clear disregard for helping the customer here and and clear misunderstanding on Lettie's part what the guy was actually trying to say.

Steph - she needed an Airport Extreme Card, not the old Airport card from before - Apple doesn't sell the old Airport cards anymore and I'm sure that's what you mean for that kind of price. Apple still sells the Extreme Cards at their retail outlets for 89.99.

Lettie - trust me - check out the actual Samsung Q1 - the 'origami pc' - the demo on youtube that you talk about makes it look like it's a computer that is always on, can play videogames with great framerates, and is the most fabulous thing since sliced bread. The fact is is that it doesn't have a keyboard (and you have to buy a keyboard accessory for it which adds a lot to the bulk), they currrently use sub-par cpus, bad graphics, their battery life is less than equivalent to that of an average laptop, and their cost is way over what microsoft originally said it would be. I was excited about it at first because they were touting it as the always-on sub 600 dollar tablet computer. It's got a long way to go. I don't personally love macs, and I don't personally love pcs. I liek computers in general and like the fact that I can use either, but other than that, I just like using the best computer out of the two. Right now since they both use Intel processors I see the line between the two being greatly diminished, especially because I use the same software on both platforms.

Well, whatever - hope you like your mac. Message me if you need any help with it or something.

Tapan Gandhi said...

hey lettie.. man that sux.. hope it didn't ruin ur day or dissaude u from shopping there again..

anyways about ur question, yeah i still see steph pretty often i guess! saw her last weekend.. and she does have a blog but doesn't have anything on it really.. its i think..