Thursday, October 26, 2006

Once upon a time...

I was really excited to pitch, our teacher John Williamson made storyboard really fun this year :) and so i did a few concept/beat paintings the night of, and these are the first 2 panel of the 5 i did.

Lack of updates, mainly because I havn't really been producing anything i am too happy with. I need to draw a lot more. Stay tooned


Mitch K said...

Hey Lettie! I love the ink lines!! Beautiful!

What was your concept? Lovely.

Letz said...

thx :)
i wanted it to look like asian influence lines

lol concept... hah stay toones

AndrewM said...

ooh that's really nice! I like your choice of colours and the water coloury style goes really well with the character designs. i hope mine turns out too. 2 thumbs up!