Monday, January 01, 2007

happy new year :)

my belated leica... critique welcome!


Lisa Tao said...

sexy voice =D

Yuriy Sivers said...


Was that you doing the voice over?


Good Stuff.
The only thing I’d say... music could add a little more rhythm.
Other than that the story is there, and the original language adds a nice touch. )))

Letz said...

yup lisa thanks for ur sexy voice :)

yeah music was the hard part. D: i should hav been more prepared for that.

Yuriy Sivers said...


Don't get me wrong!

It's still very good!

joonasjoonas said...

I like it! I can imagine the kid struggling with the rice bag.

I agree that the music could have more little something in it, but it gives a nice feeling to the story. And maybe that's why the ending is still a surprice.

I like it!

Mitch K said...

Great use of sound! I really liked it. But even though I didn't understand the language, I think there could have been more contrasts in tone of voice.

The story is really great, though! I'm impressed that you could fit such a good story into so little time.

Despite the sad ending (that POOR CHICKEN!), this was fantastic Lettie! =)

Mitch K said...


Sound could add to it, but I have to disagree and say that your animatic works very well without it. With the proper use of sound, you can get away with leaving out music. A lot of indie films do this.

Trev said...

Hey Lettie,
glad to see this idea come to fruition. In my opinion, you pulled it off, everything reads for the most part. I have some suggestions, if you want to hear them we can go over them at school sometime. Nice work


RoyMustang said...


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