Thursday, May 24, 2007

interesting old folks

horray for getting the scanner to work :) thanks francis <3
the look you gave me was priceless maybe i will draw it out too

was sitting at mcD's in dt hali and surprising there are a lot of interesting looking old folks around town. and seems like we keep seeing the same ones too

Monday, May 14, 2007

halifax weekend

Thursday, May 03, 2007


Most of you probably checked this link out from alan cook's blog. if you are a student and you haven't, it is definately an interesting read. if you are a sheridan animation student undergradurate, i strongly advice you to read this, its extremely scary. and also a wake up call. i was glad that alan made no comments on it and it was neutral coming from his end.

i mostly agree to the post yet reading something so bluntly brutal took a bite out of me for a bit.

umm..... speechless.

which is ironicaly too because i went into animation hoping to be a better artist, a better draftman, a well rounded artist, i didnt know a thing about animation nor was i too into cartoons.

i hav mixed feelings about our program

its like our peers make you wanta be a better animator, a better story teller, etc

good film and good art moves me, but it seems a lil out of reach and no guidance to get there and perhapes thats why we end up being good artists instead of good filmmakers, good animators