Thursday, May 24, 2007

interesting old folks

horray for getting the scanner to work :) thanks francis <3
the look you gave me was priceless maybe i will draw it out too

was sitting at mcD's in dt hali and surprising there are a lot of interesting looking old folks around town. and seems like we keep seeing the same ones too


yuj said...

i like the white, i didn't like ur green be4 :P

jurffy said...

omg.. so nice.. CG UR SKETCHES MORE!!! nice.. finally an update.. i am proud of u

ben said...

nice. i like the rosy faces and the orange light is good but i agree with jack, the yellow light looks kindof greenish.

how's life in halifax?

Skim said...

hehe really cute!

GHGraphics said...

dt hali??? Look at you and your Halifax lingo. You've been living there for how long and you think you own the place???

These are really cool Lettie. I also like your life drawings :D :D :D

Leon JO said...
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