Thursday, May 03, 2007


Most of you probably checked this link out from alan cook's blog. if you are a student and you haven't, it is definately an interesting read. if you are a sheridan animation student undergradurate, i strongly advice you to read this, its extremely scary. and also a wake up call. i was glad that alan made no comments on it and it was neutral coming from his end.

i mostly agree to the post yet reading something so bluntly brutal took a bite out of me for a bit.

umm..... speechless.

which is ironicaly too because i went into animation hoping to be a better artist, a better draftman, a well rounded artist, i didnt know a thing about animation nor was i too into cartoons.

i hav mixed feelings about our program

its like our peers make you wanta be a better animator, a better story teller, etc

good film and good art moves me, but it seems a lil out of reach and no guidance to get there and perhapes thats why we end up being good artists instead of good filmmakers, good animators


Braden said...

I just have to say wake up calls are what a lot of people need in our program. With teachers babying everyone, its hard for people to get a good honest sense of where they are at currently, so reading something like this really hits it home that all of us need to bust our ass, and work hard on our own time on top of school time to create something truely noteworthy. That being said, apparently the industry day was recieved positively as a whole, with a few naysayers, so maybe we are doing something right, albeit slowly. So make the most of your own time at Sheridan and just focus on bettering yourself.

Oh, and hell yes I linked you, but whats this, you dont link me back? Well well well, im just going to have to pull you from my link bar then eh? :P

jurffy said...

Haha Lettie, everyone of us will be concerned at least slightly after reading the article. But, I bet you, from how well I know you, are really affected =p.
Don't worry about it at all... Sure, the program may have it's areas to work on but really, depending on what you want to gear your career towards, just work on what you want, to the best of your ability.

Randolph Lizarda said...

actually alan made a comment or something...and he was just criticized.go see it look for it.

Yuriy Sivers said...

Lettie, a school, no matter how good or bad it is, cannot teach you to be a good filmmaker. Strength and determination can't be taught. It the path we have to walk ourselves. And that's the big test.

I am not even sure why everybody got so upset, I was sitting there going YEAH!(even though some of their opinions are overrated) They are giving us answers!

But that's just my 2 cents.

Yuriy Sivers said...

Btw! Just so you guys know! That whole article was just a form of advertisement for an ON-Line course!!!! Are you surprised that most of the stuff said there is exaggerated?

Enjoy the ride. I can't judge the level of education that we get. In fact I can't compare it to anything I've experienced personally.
But i can say one thing for sure. I 've met a lot of interesting people, made a lot of good friends. Trust me for what it's worth, that is the important part. I wouldn't hesitate go to Sheridan again.

But again my 2 cents.

Braden said...

Yuriy brings up some good points. There are some things in art, film, and animation that you just cant teach. You can teach the technical side of things, but for the most part, great art must be discovered by yourself through mistakes, observation and countless drawings, paintings, animations etc, with a bit of know how from the tech side of things. Also, once yuriy mentioned it, I can totally see how nicks post is just advertisement for the AM online courses. Its the new wave of internet advertising. Man, i need to stop preaching and start drawing.. lol

Jason Park said...

Aftering spending a long time (like an hour) reading the article and the comments... I'm like shocked...

I wasn't at the film screening so I have no idea if they are good or not, but wow... definitely a wake up call!

I'm kinda speechless right now...

Dboy said...

ran stop gossiping

Anonymous said...