Wednesday, January 23, 2008

i heart her art.

if you havnt seen Nataly Kim's stuff u are missing out. i absolutely adore adore her art ; ) she also did a drawing of me the other night at monoghans when we gather for some wings

looks like me ?

She is crazily talented and everytime i go into her room she is painting a whole new painting O__O total inspiration.
She will be moving on her life away from oakville very soon. i was very fortunate to meet her thought she has finished her time at sheridan, though it is a selfish thing for me to say but i was glad she did stayed a bit b4 she totally moved on. it gave me a chance to meet her and be exposed to her very weirdly awesome art. she will be missed. i wish her all the best and i know she will do really well in the REAL world away from the sheridan shelter

>> n a t a l y k i m .

MAN. my art is so plain and boring :*( tears


GHGraphics said...

Naw Lettie, you've got style and life to your drawings. You're art's great to look at! And Nataly's stuff is cool too! Thanks for sharing, never got a good look at her stuff before.

n a t a l y said...

ooh lettie! i heart your stuff!

YOU'VE GOT STYLE BETCH! and skillz to pay the billz!

Lettie said...

g man ur sillyyyyyy old budddyy you.

ErikaD said...
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ErikaD said...

if your art were plain and boring, i think i should quit as an artist =_=''
I HEART both nat's and your works! <3333