Sunday, September 21, 2008

getting dirty

Towards the end of the summer, i took a silk screening class with Hieng and Peter, taught by the mighty talented Jeff Garcia. Almost forgot how much fun it is to get dirty with real paints !! Some results of the class
This is a little zine i wanted to produce, interior pages are to be decided...

Big hug to Matt for making these possible :)


This is a collaborative zine that the whole class put together

Hieng's elephant on crack

Peter's turtle and Jan's awesome print

My humble ballerina turned print

Go check out Jeff Garcia's stuffs -- they will bleed your eye!


Francis said...

Look so fun! Cool prints, i like the bleeding bum

Lettie Lo said...

yeah it was fun francis :) i guess it looks like blood now but it was jus supposed to be diahhra

Anonymous said...

hahahaha oh lettie~~
ur so cute~
i lav ur Designs!!! =D

jurffy said...

crazy gud stuffs

Mitch K said...

LETTIE that is hilarious and awesome and kinda gross! Haha I LOVE IT!

I've been thinking about taking some silk screening workshops too.

WOW these are so much fun! You are so much fun! :D

trevor dalmer said...

you are truly a true artist. and thats the truth.

RAWLS said...

Super fun!!! Great colours!!!

Sean said...

amazing where did you take the class?

Chris Lee said...

that looks so cool!!
so much cute stuff in there!

Matthew Lau said...

twas a pleasure! silkscreenings fun!

Lettie Lo said...

mitch: yeah it was so funN!!! do it do it!!

sean: its on adelaine and spadina ... theres a gallery there beside mamas pizza and thats where i take it ;)

Christina Dee said...

oooh zines are fun! cool style Lettie, I lol'd at the first one.


I miss our class already!

I'll let everyone know that Lettie is a machine screen-printer. So prolific! The zine covers look great and i can't wait to get my copy. Are you going to screen-print at all for school?

Also, to anyone that is interested about the classes:

Thanks for your oh-so-kind words Lettie. Too sweet


rikit said...

oh lettie finally a book i relate to LOL haha eww <3 your screen printing work is awesome!

Anonymous said...

oh!! I like it so much!
it's so nice and so fun! :)

Christie said...

Woah, these are so cool~!!
It looks so fun... ooh how I envy you guys. It looks like TOO much fun hanging out and doing artsnstuff together!
Keep up the awesome work!!

C.Bennett said...

that chun li is amazingly cute. one of my favs.