Thursday, January 08, 2009


rawls tagged me long time ago about 7 interesting things about each blogger. so heres mine
1. recently fell in love with the office.
2. i can sit at home with my computer for a week.
3. i like sniffing and smelling almost anything. use your imagination. i like smells. good or bad
4. never puked from drinking. yet.
5. i cut my own hair, and attempting to cut other people's hair.
6. when i swim, i do the breaststroke (frog style) for my arms, and front crawl for my legs.
7. i learnt to knit this holiday. yay !

i am not gonna tag anyone because a lot of people has already done this, both here and deviantart.
its snowing again, take a walk, go play in the snow!
i spent the whole last semester having an "artist block", stress can be a scary thing. it can only get better. it's never too late i supposed.
happy new years everyone :)

give this man some loving.