Thursday, November 24, 2011

the places i want to go to

in mogolia, you can touch a llama from the behind

and you can wear purple pants in alaska

and lastly, i think netherlands will love for you to eat baguettes on the tulip field.


in ctn i met tons of amazing artists, and among which i also got a sketchbook full of shitty drawings the ever amazing Alex Chechik made.

and a beautiful art print done by the super talented Ivan Aguirre. to which i left in the airport on the way home :((( airport art thief dont ever let me meet you >:(

thanks for everyone that drop by and gave my art prints some loving <3 it meant a lot to me!


Alex Chechik said...

I think it's kinda mean to call my drawings shitty.

Lisa Tao said...

niceee i want the alaska print :D

^lol chechik

Ivan Aguirre said...

Lettie! Thanks for the plug! and mentioning my work! I love your prints! too! It was great to meet you finally!

Trevor Spencer said...

It was good to see you again lettie :) your work is always inspiring!

Nicholas Hong said...

lovely illustration! I really like first one! So cute style! :)

Arzu Fallahi said...

What beautiful illustration! light and airy in color and cool in texture and stylization.

Amr Okacha said...

How Amazing, My jaw is Dropped,
I 'd like to do some stuff like , My try wasn't good enough
check it Plz
& tell me ur opinion about my work ,

Mike Zhang said...

These are awesome, especially the llama one hahahah

Yoga boy said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Manoj Singh said...

I like your painting....very nice

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Manoj Singh said...

Love your drawings. Very original!

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